Small Group Class: Topics

Week 4 Topic: Technical Education: Introduce your favourite piece of software

In 6 minutes, introduce to your audience a piece of software that you enjoy using. Software includes both desktop-based, mobile-based, and browser based applications.

Include a (maximum) 2-minute video with your content: it can be a screen-grab of you demonstrating the software. Explain why this software makes your life easier. You may need to learn how to take good screen-shots.

Points to consider:

  • In terms of effective us of video, please review this article.
  • Check which operating system this software works with. If you mention this point, it may help convince you audience to try use it. (eg: Linux, Windows 10, iOS, Android, or web-browser-based)
  • Highlight why this software makes life easier. In this regard, you can choose one or two powerful functions of the software.
  • Are they already very familiar with the piece of software you chose? If so, are you showing them something new about it that they likely don’t know?
  • You can also include static screenshots of the software in action. Ensure that any screenshots are cropped correctly.
  • Do you know how to take screenshots on IOS? Android? Windows? Do you know how to crop your photos? This simple skill is more important than you think…
  • You can also briefly compare this particular piece of software with others (eg: Kakao Maps vs Google Maps) as a way to effectively convince your audience that this software offers unique benefits.

Week 3 Topic: My EDC (Everyday Carry)

What is an EDC? Its a very instagrammable tour of the things you carry with you everyday. Basically, tell us about what’s in your bag!

You’re telling a story, so explain your feelings, your reasons, and make it interesting.

6-minutes, and you need to include (at minimum) 5 pictures of your own which you use to explain the story of your EDC.

When you are done, put your beautiful photos on Instagram (if you use it). Tag me: @paulhoets

Useful hashtags include #edc #everydaycarry #seoultravel #mybag #gear

Week 2 Topic: Fascinating Creature

Begin your presentation with the following prompt:

Today I would like to introduce a very interesting creature, the……..

For this task, your goal is to end off with a practical/useful point. In other words, what can we learn or use from your presentation?

Focus on: highlighting practical value.

Week 1 Topic: Emerging Technology

Talk about one of the following emerging technologies, and what you think its positive and negative impacts will be. Indicate whether it is actually in use currently, or not.

You will be using a PPT, so prepare and practice well. Time is 6 minutes. You may certainly use a script or notes to help you.

  • Microreactors (Nuclear)
  • Short-haul passenger airships
  • Non-fungible tokens
  • Lab-grown meat
  • Cybernetic implants
  • Hydrogen Vehicles
  • Armed (Weaponized) Autonomous Vehicles
  • Reusable Launch Vehicles (Space)

Paul Hoets is a freelance maker who lives in South Korea. If you liked this article and would like to contribute to his empire of dirt, silicon and tech. education, buy him a coffee!

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