Basic Arduino: Intro to Coding

Starting from zero, with or without a background in coding and making, students are thoroughly educated in the use of the Arduino microcontroller, C//C++ and coding basics, electronics and soldering, and the design of simple sensor systems.

In the humble opinion of this instructor, this is the most detailed, most exciting way to learn about maker coding, and can put students on track to be excited about a career in science and engineering, or at least, to learn about all the amazing things that can be done when electronics and code are put together.

Class Size: 3 students minimum, 6 students maximum

Ages: Hardworking 10-year olds, all the way to adventurous 99-year olds! ^^. For obvious reasons, attendees are separated by age – ie, adults will form an adult class, students of roughly the same age will be together in a class appropriate for their age group.

Project: Students completely build a mobile sensor pack that runs on code and can measure temperature data.