Demo Classes and Course Payment

Online Demo Classes:

Demo classes are 1 hour, and are priced at the same as standard online English lessons: 4만원

Online teaching prices:

  • General English/Debate English (1-to-1): 4만원/h
  • Science English (1-to-1): 5만원/h
  • IELTS Speaking Test Prep.(1-to-1): 5만원/h

Offline Classes:

  • Arduino Coding: 5만원/h

Others courses have other prices, higher and lower, depending on location, content, kit inclusion or not, number of students, etc. In most situations, a discount for can always be given group classes, and are recommended as a sustainable way to build good, regular classes.

After payment, please send confirmation.

Course Payment Refund Policy

Korean Bank Transfer:

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