About Paul, and this site

I am a Seoul-based tech. maker and educator: I spend my time teaching people both old and young how to build cool things with code, electronics, paint, a bit of physics, math, and magic. I also like trying to answer random science questions!

This website is a representation of my freelance education business: if you want teaching for yourself or a group, or want to collaborate on a project, or want specialized course material, then I’m a very interesting person to meet with.

More specifically, I work with:

  • Computer Science Education
  • Hardcore Arduino // 고급 아두이노 교육
  • Radiation Sensors //Geiger Counters // 방사선 센서
  • Cyberdecks
  • Raspberry Pi // NanoPi Creations // 라즈베리 파이
  • Functional Cosplay Props // 기능성 코스프레 소품
  • Math and Science Teaching // 수학-과학 교육
  • IELTS // Technical English Teaching // 원어민 영어 교사

And when not doing that, I am speaking Chinese with my friends and family. Life is weird…

Scan my Kakao code with your camera if you live in Korea! 한국에 계시다면 카메라로 제 카카오 아이디를 스캔해주세요! (or if you’re using your phone, just, like, press it.)


Especially in the time we live in with COVID-19, educators face many challenges, and freelance educators more so. (Read more, at “Why Pay?”)

If you would like to support the development of new educational content, kits, and circuitry, there are several ways.

The most obvious is to support my little business: if you would like to benefit from training, contact me either on Instagram, or via my email address. One-to-one is fine, but small groups are very much possible, especially in the Seoul area

The other way to support is to donate, either financially, by providing electronics equipment that can be used or teaching, or by providing a location where training can be run from. For more info, check out this page. Any support is greatly appreciated, even if its just buying a coffee.

Coders and hackers all run on coffee! ^^