Donate and Support

If you wish to make a donation for my content, I get to keep doing my work on developing electronics and devices for makers, and can afford to make the content open, as well as covering costs for my tiny lab. (Read “Why pay a maker?”)

Every bit helps and is deeply appreciated – even if you just buy me a coffee!

If you want to donate via PayPal, you can hop to the following link, or click the button below:

Donate Hardware // Equipment

Hardware donations are very much appreciated, as this can be used for my teaching, for R/D, and for content. If you have any devices or equipment that you think might be of value, please feel free to contact me. I live in Seoul, near Nowon-gu.

The following Items would be eXtrEmeLy helpful for my operation. These are devices I currently lack:

  • A second-hand 3D Printer
  • A Drill Press
  • A Bandsaw
  • An Oscilloscope
  • A Lab Power Supply
  • Any Workshop or Laboratory equipment.
  • Basically any rapid-prototype equipment (lasercutter, CNC mill, vinyl-cutter, etc…)

You would not believe what a big difference these items would make in helping produce more content.

Beyond, the following items would be of great value to creating new content in my sphere of interest:

  • Old Geiger Counters, in any condition
  • Abandoned//outdated test equipment
  • Automation equipment and parts
  • Broken 3D printers
  • Solar cells and interesting semiconductors, as well as by-products such as failed semiconductor wafers. This stuff is fantastic for teaching.
  • Aviation//Industrial//Marine//Military surplus. Plenty of people are fascinated to see it taken apart on video, to learn and appreciate the construction and design aspects of it.