Payment Disclaimers

Updated as of April 2021

#1] No-shows are not refunded

A no-show refers to a situation where a student who has scheduled a session does not attend, and does not provide notice to the tutor. A no-show is considered a paid lesson. Lessons cancelled within 60 minutes before the lesson starting are considered a no-show.

There are approximately 22,075,000 seconds in a lifetime, and these seconds are best spent in a way that is the most meaningful. Education is one. The precarious life of a freelance educator is one of subsistence – meaningful does not bring riches and fame. In trade, the freelancer enjoys more time with family, engages in volunteer work, can create art, and can enjoy time with his wife.

This arrangement is fragile

Shifting world economies, pestilence, the weak human spirit, and cancer, all may one day uproot this peaceful way of life. The freelancer loves his students, but must not love them more than his way of life. His time is more valuable than a hagwon, and so he must protect his time.

#2] Freelancer time over hagwon time

All customers must pay on time. On time means before the month of teaching begins. Not paying on time breaks trust, hurts the freelancer, and creates stress. Hagwons run a business, and so does a freelancer. Hagwons will not starve, they will go bankrupt: but the freelancer will starve and go bankrupt. Do the right thing.

Course payment is due prior to the start of teaching for the upcoming month, and is not refundable, unless by the decision of the freelancer in the event of the student facing economic setback, sickness, family emergency, etc. An agreement to begin teaching requires a medium-term time commitment, both from the student and of the freelance teacher. Once this commitment has been made, that time slot belongs to the student. A sudden decision to stop and receive a refund results in lost funds and the loss of potential work. This requirement is reasonable and standard practice in South Korea.

#3] Be on time

On time is early. Message early for class rescheduling; arrive at the zoom class 3 minutes early; send in payment early in the month; ask questions and talk about your needs early. Good things will happen by being on time.