Payment Disclaimers

Updated as of April 2021


Point: Each teaching session session shall have a set duration of either 60 or 90 minutes. Time extended beyond this shall not be charged for.

Reasoning: My time is valuable, but I wish to assist students in any way I can, and so by my own choice may decide to extend the teaching time to help them without cost. Acknowledgement of this time value is expected, and not an expectation for additional free time.


Point: Course payment is due prior to the start of teaching – and is not refundable. This is excluding decision by Paul in the event of the student facing economic setback, sickness, family emergency, etc.

In this case, the decision lies with Paul. In other cases, no refund is possible.

Reasoning: An agreement to begin teaching requires a medium-term time commitment, both from the student and of the freelance teacher. Once this commitment has been made, that time slot belongs to the student. A sudden decision to stop and receive a refund results in lost funds and the loss of potential work.

After several occasions of agreeing to refund students who asked (not a common practice in South Korea) and sustaining difficult loss of work during the difficult period of late 2020, I concluded that I cannot be overly compassionate at the expense of my family’s economic survival. This requirement is reasonable and standard practice in South Korea. At the same time, course lengths are not too long, so as to give students plenty of time to evaluate their satisfaction, and enjoy flexibility should their own plans change.