Howzit my China.

After a long period of absence, Electronics Deli is up and running again. Probably because our CEO, HR sales manager, and Chief Webmaster were away in the far-east for a month and a bit. (Kind of makes you wonder how big this organization really is, isn’t it?..)

We came back with ZIFs, Arduino, servos, robotics gear, cool new pants, and this really cool LED thingy which we think may be an electronic name tag.

Unfortunately we’re only selling the ZIFs and some of the robotics stuff, but China was mesmerizing, and we’re going back for more, so stay tuned.

What follows is a tour of… ONE, Makro-sized, five-story electronics market in Beijing. There were five more in visual range. And that’s only discrete components, electro-mechanical and semiconductors… jaw-dropping.

Further, Beijing is not considered the production and true marketing centre of the country.

Next year, Shenzhen!