SNT Debate class Common Expressions

The following contains a selection of expressions and terms that appear very often in the SNT Debate class, and so would be highly beneficial if reviewed by any students who will enter this course.

  • minority 소수 (n) – the smaller and usually weaker group of people in a country or place, ie, the Chosonjok in South Korea
  • majority 다수 (n) – the larger, usually more powerful group of people in a country
  • discriminate 차별하다 (v) – the action of treating people differently because they are different
  • race 민족성 (n) – a group into which humans are divided, depending on perceived similarities in their physical characteristics (eg: Korean, Chinese, Cantonese, Hanzu, Chosonjok, Japanese, Vietnamese, German, Ugandan, etc)
  • gender 성별 (n) – your sex, male or female
  • discrimination 차별 (n) – the problem of not seeing or treating people the well because they are different in some way
  • racism 민족적 우월감 (n) – to treat people differently because of the colour of their skin, their race, or where they come from
  • sexism 성차별 (n) discrimination based on one’s gender – being treated badly because your are female or male. Historically, women have been discriminated against for a very part of human history
  • language discrimination 언어 차별 (n) – discrimination due to not speaking a certain language, usually the majority language of a place.
  • equitable 공정한 (adj) – fair
  • Apartheid 인종 차별 정책 (SA word) – a type of government that separates people using the law. For example, laws that only certain people can use go to universities, or only certain people can buy land.
  • colony 식민지 (n) – a country or area under the full or partial political control of another country, typically a distant one, and occupied by settlers from that country.
  • colonization 식민지화 (n) – the policy of taking over and controlling distant, and usually weaker, countries

What was Apartheid?

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