Writing Practice Hints

Tips for good writing

  • Be careful not to say the same thing over and over, and don’t say the same thing in different ways.
  • Don’t write “But…” and “Because….” at the start of a sentence. These are used in the middle of a sentence, to connect two clauses.

I am a student. I go to school. I am a student at Weifang Hansen. It is a school. I am a student there. But I like it. Because it is a very good school. Thank you.

Worst Student Ever. bleh.
  • If you can’t think of anything to write, pretend that the person reading your content is an alien. Explain to them where, why, who, when. Tell a story. Describe as much detail as you can.
  • Don’t start your essay with: “From now on, I would like to tell you about…..”, or “From now, I will….”. Be direct: “I will tell you about….”, or “I would like to explain how to…..”, or “I will now tell….”
  • Try order your information in a logical sequence. This will make it more easy and fun to read.

My house it in Chongdam-dong. My school is nearby, and I walk to school everyday. I have many good friends who go to my school, and I am happy to see them. My house is an apartment with big windows.

This writing is not bad, but it would be better if information was ordered logically. (House > School >> House again?)


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