Cyberdeck Discord Community Survey 2021

Below are the (formatted) results from the Cybercafe Cyberdeck Discord, May 2021.

They provide interesting reading for all who are interested in content creation for this community. The results cannot provide a full picture, but certainly are an interesting snapshot of some of the content and issues faced by this community.

The survey originally was designed with a view to getting an idea of how competitions could be used to shake out more creativity and inclusivity: in this case, the question of how to include different technical and tooling levels.

After all, the kind of competition suited to complete newbie, versus the kind suited to the seasoned deck builder with multiple 3D printers and a workspace should be quite different.

This is the primary context of the survey.

Beyond, the context is cyberpunk fans with some extremely hands-on building skills, and the willingness to build an extremely functional piece of technical art.

Please enjoy reading the summary. It reveals ideas and suggestions for all interested in this community. Before that, however:

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