The world’s simplest resistor colour-code posters

There’s a lot of content about electronics. Especially on the English-speaking internet.

What it seems it lacks, though, is a simple guide to reading everyday 4 and 5 band resistors.

You know.

These boys:

TESLA INSTITUTE - School of Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Automation  and Computer Technology - Resistors
Resisty boys

Regardless, today I unveil two posters I have made, which I hope would make a cute and practical addition to a makerspace, hackerspace, workshop, school, or any place where resistors live.

Its simple, its clear, and it is minimal.

In other words, although there is plenty of detail about resistors, things like tolerance, and temperature coefficients, and sub-decade multipliers, most of this isn’t used everyday. In fact, for the average maker, I would be surprised if they ever use some of this stuff.

And if you need to use it? Well, look it up on Google. The poster actually says all this. ^^

4-band poster here.

5-band poster here.

Enjoy, and let me know if you agree with my thoughts or not! I’d like to hear how you interact with resistors in your workshop.

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